2017 IPOs: A general overview

30 IPOs raised nearly Rs. 50,000 crores since last Diwali. Whilethe 2017 IPO pipeline has created a lot of buzz in the markets, let’s start from scratch and catch the basic operations of a few companies in the pipeline   GIC REINSURANCE General Insurance Corporation of India Ltd. (‘GIC’) is a market leader in the... Continue Reading →

Raymond- The Complete Man

I had the opportunity to talk the management of Raymond Ltd., a retail giant in the Indian market and the leading player in menswear. The company is now in a transformation phase since 2013. They have added excellent industry veterans across segments. First Raymond's strategy was more manufacturing driven, now moving to more customer centric... Continue Reading →

Consumer Durables in India – II

  India’s CSD is vast—Lighting, ACs, Air Coolers, Electricals, Cables and a range of household appliances & conveniences. The market is already fast growing at 11% CAGR over FY12-17. India CSD stocks have done well—19% CAGR over 5 years versus 13% CAGR for BSE Sensex (49% outperformance)—and they are expensive in conventional valuation terms (30x... Continue Reading →

Augmenting Consumer Durables in India

The growth rate across verticals in the Consumer durable space has been strong on the back of rising middle class population and increased spending. The impact of Goods and Services Tax on the consumer durable sector is expected to remain neutral or negative, especially for companies which are tax exempted or fall under concessional tax... Continue Reading →

GST and Logistics

  The sector expected to benefit the most on the back of GST implementation in India is the logistics sector. Traders as well as investors have shifted focus to these logistics players because organized players in this sector are likely to benefit due to GST.   Transporters will be required to be GST-compliant for their... Continue Reading →

GST- the nuts and bolts

While the GST is set to replace the existing tax structure in the country, it is imperative to understand its impact across sectors and industries and also draw a basic comparison with tax structures internationally.  This will be crucial to understand how the sectors could be impacted with the Goods and Services Tax. First, it... Continue Reading →

Prelude to the Goods And Services Tax

The new chinwag since the past few years had been the long impending Goods and Services tax in India, which has finally passed and implemented. The history of GST in India dates back to 12 years back when in February 2007, the then FM P Chidambaram announced that GST would be effective from FY10.But, owing... Continue Reading →

The 2014 Mid-cap Surge

The year 2014 was quite an exceptional year for the Indian stock market with the Indian stock indices- SENSEX and NIFTY giving over 30% returns. The key turnaround fact in the Indian economy was Mr. Narendra Modi being elected as the Prime Minister of India in May 2014, and the attached hope that he would... Continue Reading →

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