Cybertech- compelling range of products and services


Cybertech Software and Solutions Ltd., a listed company on the NSE and BSE, engages in providing geospatial, networking and enterprise IT solutions. The company offers GIS solutions, Geo Data management, Mobile GIS, ArcGIS Applications, SAP solutions, etc. Incorporated in the year 1995, Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd. is based in Thane. I found their range of products and services rather interesting, so decided to share it here. You should definitely check out their website.

Company Website:


GeoCivic®, their flagship, GIS-based information management suite, leverages the latest geospatial platforms to build an integrated Governance Decision Support Engine. This engine helps leverage locational intelligence for optimum civic planning and development thereby helping build a truly smart city.

Key functionalities include

  • Property Assessment
  • Property Modification
  • Property tax Collection
  • Advanced MIS & GIS Reporting
  • BmGeneration
  • Online Tax Information & Rm Payment



GeoShield is the pre-eminent Public Safety platform for leveraging spatial technologies in real time crime analysis and intelligence led policing, designed by law enforcement professionals, for use by law enforcement professionals.


Microsoft Azure Government, the first – and only – hyperscale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to meeting CJIS requirements for federal, state and local governments, empowers public safety agencies to achieve greater transparency and responsiveness during a time of tight budgets.


CyberTech’s Location Analytics solutions leverage the growing demands of the audience to integrate location mapping systems with business intelligence systems. These solutions let you visualize the geospatial relationships within your business intelligence. Location analytics is the fusion of Location, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. It helps to understand why things have happened in the past and to predict what and where things will happen in the future.

Ability to quickly map locations of assets, and other data such as sales by territory, state, or ZIP code helps to improve business efficiency.

It is currently available for SAP and SharePoint and can be extended to MS Dynamics and BOBJ



CyberServe is a web based GIS application that integrates with Business Application System or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in real time and provides the ability to query/view/process business transactions in the ERP system from the map as frontend. CyberServe provides the ability to view the assets in ArcGIS viewer with base map and other layers. Once an asset is located on the map, it is possible to view its detailed information, work order history, and notifications history from the ERP system. Authorized users can create and maintain notifications and work orders directly using CyberServe without getting into ERP system. Some important functions available are: Notification Create, Change, Put in Process, Complete and Work Order Create, Change and Technically Complete (TECO). CyberServe also provides the facility to query notifications and work orders and display the output spatially on the map. This helps the maintenance managers and supervisors to visualize the status of maintenance work and assign work to teams or employees efficiently. It also helps them to review maintenance history of assets in relation to surrounding environment and with respect to connected assets. We have used SAP as the ERP system for demonstration.



CyberTech has Managed Services Expertise of almost 2 decades. It provides remote and on-site support services to customers across industries including Public Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Banking, National Security, among others.



CyberTech offers a range of Managed Services including network support and remote infrastructure management services aligned with your specific business needs

In addition, the proprietary cost optimization model ( CyberOpR ), offers a unique, knowledge based support solution to reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) significantly, while delivering high-quality support.


Services include:



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