Value Investing- I

Note : Value investing is an investment strategy where stocks are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values.

In August 2015, Trigyn Technologies Ltd., an IT services and solutions company, with significant global presence, over 3 decades of industry experience and well established operations, was trading in a range of 42-46 primarily.

In August 2015, the company had a market capitalization of about Rs. 127 cr and was trading at a P/E multiple of merely 5, as against an industry average of a P/E of 22. This meant that even trailing P/E if put applied to industry average, the stock had an easy price of 4.5 times the price it was trading at.

You can have a look the capital gains that arose in the coming months for the stock.


Month Open High Low Close
Aug-15 38 47.6 32.1 38.25  Low during these 2 years was 32.1
Sep-15 38.85 41.6 30.5 39.45
Oct-15 39 58.3 37.7 55.8
Nov-15 55.5 100.7 52 95.75
Dec-15 97.8 99.5 77.8 85.9
Jan-16 87.8 106 67.7 77.95
Feb-16 79.45 80.85 48.6 49.6
Mar-16 50.85 72.1 50.85 67
Apr-16 67.45 85.8 66.2 80.6
May-16 80 125.15 79.15 109.65
Jun-16 111.4 140.6 107 122.7
Jul-16 124 136.9 108.3 112.1
Aug-16 111.75 126 100.65 104.55
Sep-16 104.8 106.75 90.05 94.65
Oct-16 94.7 128.75 93.3 127.65
Nov-16 126 128.15 78.85 103.15
Dec-16 103.4 134.55 95.3 106.25
Jan-17 105.05 119 101.15 102.95
Feb-17 103.85 114 100.5 104.2
Mar-17 106.8 134.9 106 114.15
Apr-17 116.9 126.6 107.4 110.5
May-17 114.15 164 112.95 127.25
Jun-17 128.55 138.95 123.5 124.5  High during these 2 years was 138.95


As of now, in June 2017, the market capitalisation of the company has more than doubled at Rs. 380 crore. However an interesting factor to note is that it is still trading at P/E multiple of 9x as against industry average of 18x. (IT services sector stocks in general at this point have seen a slip in the past few months due to various factors). The EPS over the past 2 years has also seen almost a 60% growth.


Trigyn Technologies is an innovative solutions provider and systems integrator that has been in business for more than 28 years with over 1,200 resources deployed today. They have professionals on board at locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Africa and the Far East.

Trigyn provides IT Staffing, Solutions, Systems Integration, Software Development and Maintenance, Data-Driven Digital Marketing and other services to its clients.

In the United States and Canada, Trigyn has office locations in Edison (New Jersey), Washington, D.C. and Toronto, Canada.

Their Europe operations are supported from Pforzheim (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland). They have a development center in Mumbai, India which also supports our Asia operations.

Its subsidiaries include Trigyn Technologies Inc., Trigyn Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. And Leading Edge Infotech Ltd.


Trigyn has partnerships with leading technology platform vendors that include Microsoft, EMC2, TIBCO®, and IBM.

Trigyn is a registered software reseller with Redington, one of the leading value added distributors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Trigyn is accredited by Microsoft Corporation as a “Microsoft Gold Competency Partner” in the area of Digital Marketing (Microsoft SharePoint Solutions) with additional competencies in Application Development, Portals, Collaboration and Mobility.

Trigyn is an EMC2 certified partner for Documentum and IIG Product Suite and collaborates with other leading commercial open source solution companies to deliver best-fit solutions for the enterprise.

Trigyn is the authorized partner for IBM’s Smarter Cities program, that aims to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by cities and governments across the globe.

Trigyn is an authorized TIBCO® partner, in both the commercial and Federal Government domains. Trigyn’s partnership with TIBCO® allows us to leverage our more than 1,200 resources deployed in 25 countries and 28 years of experience, in the areas of Health Insurance, Financial Services, Distribution, Government, NGOs, Enterprise Application Integration, Development, Maintenance and more, with TIBCO® product offerings.

Trigyn continues to strengthen its relationships with its partners and looks to build new partnerships with emerging technology companies in areas of enterprise content management, mobility, information security and those with a niche focus on vertical domains such as government, financial services, e-governance, healthcare, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).


  1. IT Staffing

Trigyn has a valuable resource base with experience and skills in technologies that are critical in providing Business solutions. Companies remain dependent on Information Technology to maximize productivity, facilitate the exchange of information internally and externally, and ensure operational efficiencies. As a result, the demand continues for qualified Information Technology (IT) professionals. The company is at the forefront of technology by recruiting, training and deploying top talent in emerging technologies spanning various industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical.


  1. Application Outsourcing Services


In the first phase, the company understands, designs, develops and implements customized solution to address business problems. In the second phase, the company continues to provide all round support to manage the life of the solution delivered.


  1. Managed Services

Trigyn has delivered large scale Managed Services engagements globally, across more than 18 countries and has established infrastructure, management resources, and methodologies that ensure success. Trigyn has the experience to meet and exceed the most demanding of SLA’s in very challenging environments.

Services Provided
  • General / Requested and Industry / Technology specific training
  • Program, Regional, and Site specific Management Structure
  • End to End deployment of resources for large scale, global services requirements
  • Global logistics for large scale resource deployments
  • Client specific Program Management Structure
  • Complete backend support and management
  • Valuable reporting and analysis aimed at reducing cost and increasing efficiency
  1. Government Services

Trigyn has been a trusted partner to government for over 28 years

  • US Federal Government
  • US State and Local Government
  • International agencies

Government at all levels has experienced an unrelenting demand to improve the delivery and infrastructure of their information technology landscapes. The primary drivers for this include enhancing transperancy, improving connectivity and delivering services in timelier and cost effective manner.


5.       Data-Driven Digital Marketing Services

Trigyn Digital is the digital marketing arm of Trigyn Technologies. It excels at data-driven marketing.

  1. Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Trigyn’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services provide solutions to all content driven business processes across the enterprise providing Documentum, SharePoint and Open Source based conceptualization, implementation, customization and integration services across major verticals.

  1. Enterprise Mobile Solutions
  • Mobile application development strategy and implementation
  • Native application based on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android Smartphone/Tablet, Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Mobile (Phone 7) and Symbian
  • Mobile web applications using frameworks such as iWebkit, jQuery, iUI, etc
  • Mobile hybrid application using frameworks such as PhoneGap, J2ME Polish, etc
  • Mobile application design and development
  • Backend system design and integration
  • Mobility solutions using Cloud computing



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